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Click here to get my own saver which consists of 12 of my best photos. It runs on Windows and is about 1.7 mb. I have also listed some of the better animal wallpaper and screensaver sites and you can set my photos as wallpaper by clicking on the thumbnails.


If you love animal wallpaper pictures the first place I want to send you to is PicturesOf.Net, which is my photography site. I have hundreds of animal pictures and photos online, all of which can be set as wallpaper or even send them as free greeting cards.

Click on the thumbnails to get the 1024 x 768 wallpaper photos.

Webshots is a fantastic site. They offer some really fantastic animal screensavers where you can choose from dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, wildlife... It's great and it's free!

parrot photo dalmation dog photo
kitten photo bees on sunflower photo
praying mantis photo cute koala bear photo

Reviews of Animal Screensavers

The photos that Webshots offer are professional quality and the selection is quite varied.

Hoover The Mischievous Mutt
Hoover just can't help himself; he can't stay out of trouble! There is a shareware version of this screensaver and a full, pay version that can update itself with new episodes.

BJ's Screensavers
These free animal screensavers feature the original photography of BJ. Topics include wolves, fawns, wildlife, puppies, big cats, cats, horses, snakes and koala bears. There are also some nice nature savers here and the photos are offered as wallpaper from a separate site.

Tootsie's Animal Themes
These are complete themes which include screensaver, wallpaper and icons. Topics include kittens, puppies, dolphins and polar bears.

Oska is a cute little koala bear that lives and plays on your desktop. He is very entertaining and is much more than the typical screensaver.

lions snake
walrus and boy monarch butterflies
polar bear sleeping puppy
Here are six more of the images included in my saver.

Click on the thumbnail images to get the 1024 x 768 wallpaper photos.

Free Screensavers by Reb
It's raining cats and dogs, antlered animals, wild horses, tigers, lions and assorted zoo animals.

Bengal Cat Screensaver
A free saver featuring 10 photos of "Foothill Felines" Bengal kittens and cats, with sound and special effects.

Morris The Cat Screensaver
Yes, old Morris may be retired but his likeness lives on in this official "Morris The Cat" screensaver.

Angelical Cats
A free screensaver that contains 12 beautiful images of Angelical cats sleeping and playing on their cat furniture.

Amazing Wildlife Screensavers
Shareware animal screensavers that includes a lion, giraffe, moose, falcon, eagle, deer, turtle, rhinoceros, wolf, ferret, manatee, owl, geese, ducks, elephants... 31 animal photos in all.

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